legendary anglagard plays ifran klarhet till klarhet

anglagard - ifran klarhet till klarhet

elp - the barbarian (live)

elp - knife edge (live)

asia minor is back with audio

i was actually planning to write about excellent progressive rock group from sweden 'anglagard' but when i have found audio sources in net for my favorite 'asia minor', i changed my mind. check the links below. your ears will fly with pleasure.

01. Nightwind
02. Northern Lights
03. Boundless
04. Dedicace
05. Lost In A Dream Yell
06. Dreadful Memories

download links:
Link I

Link II
Link III


italian progressive rock giants of all time!

premiata forneria marconi (pfm) / celebration live 1974

premiata forneria marconi (pfm) / impressioni di settembre

banco del mutuo soccorso / non mi rompete

paco de lucia , flamenco legend

i will drive to saint petersburg this monday to spend my weekend. it is a nice chance to see its famous white nights. i was busy yesterday choosing songs for road. while examining the archive, i realized that i wasn't listening flamenco for a long time.

here is what i have selected for today.

1) paco de lucia / la barrosa (alegrias)

2) camaron de la isla and tomatito - bulerias

3) radio tarifa / sin palabras

no videos in net?!

king crimson for a dark moscow weekend

rainy gloomy weekends are usual in moscow in the middle of june. so this summer is not an exception at all.. while coding my new site for hours (i will surely link there soon here), i have injected to my blood pure king crimson dark notes.

p.s : it would be unfair to not to put original abba song, summernight city in the listings eventhough i prefer to listen it from therion cover.

here is the list :

  1. king crimson / elephant talk

  2. king crimson / in the court of the crimson king

  3. king crimson / frame by frame

  4. abba / summernight city

camel - airborn

my favorite is camel's airborn. i can't hold myself listening it over and over for many years.
some songs still don't have video files in youtube. i plan to upload music video files to youtube from my own dvd archive in near future.

here is today's playlist.

  1. curved air / melinda (more or less)

  2. katatonia / discouraged ones / relention

  3. dream theater / images and words / pull me under

  4. camel / moon madness / airborn

    no video in youtube, yet

  5. king crimson / red / fallen angel

    no video in youtube, yet

so 3 ,2 ,1 .. fire !

i started my blog at last. i will share what i have listened daily to enjoy life with you and ready to hear yours. i am turkish in native (from istanbul), living in moscow for 5 years already. eventhough my russian language level increased by the time my english has fallen considerably in these years. anyway, i will try..

if you like progressive rock, 70s rock, metal etc, i think we are on the same path. but i dont restrict myself only to them.

here is today's list : (band name, album, song)

  1. amorphis / elegy / weeper on the shore

  2. asia minor / between flesh and divine / northern lights

    it is a forgotten progressive rock band from france. main members are turkish (vocals, guitars). it is a dark 'camel' music lets say. i will later add mp3 file of this song.

  3. pink floyd / relics / see emily play

  4. therion / secret of the runes / summernight city

  5. pentagram / anatolia / anatolia

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