so 3 ,2 ,1 .. fire !

i started my blog at last. i will share what i have listened daily to enjoy life with you and ready to hear yours. i am turkish in native (from istanbul), living in moscow for 5 years already. eventhough my russian language level increased by the time my english has fallen considerably in these years. anyway, i will try..

if you like progressive rock, 70s rock, metal etc, i think we are on the same path. but i dont restrict myself only to them.

here is today's list : (band name, album, song)

  1. amorphis / elegy / weeper on the shore

  2. asia minor / between flesh and divine / northern lights

    it is a forgotten progressive rock band from france. main members are turkish (vocals, guitars). it is a dark 'camel' music lets say. i will later add mp3 file of this song.

  3. pink floyd / relics / see emily play

  4. therion / secret of the runes / summernight city

  5. pentagram / anatolia / anatolia

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