Spiroygra - Excellent 70s British Folk / Prog Band

It is nice to see that now even in youtube, we can find some hard to find progressive rock music and videos.

Spiroygra had released in 1973 one of the cult albums all times. Widely regarded today as one of the great classics of British 'acid folk', copies of this album are rare and expensive today, almost impossible to acquire.

Some Spiroygra Youtube Videos I have found

Other Spiroygra Links : Mp3 and Lyrics

CD Bells, Boots & Shambles MP3 : http://pechkin.rinet.ru/e/music/Spirogyra/_73/index.html

ELOY - Proud of German Prog Rock Scene

If we call Eloy as "Pink Floyd" of German Symphonic and Space Rock genre, it is not because they copied from them but they made such original compositions that delivered them to legend level.

Especially Silent Cries and Mighty Echoes and Ocean was a great success musically. Eloy makes a wonderful stream of music. Believe me or better watch the following videos :)

From Silent Cries and Mighty Echos Album

The Sun Song - Live Performance 1977

Poseidon's Creation Part 1

Shadow and Light

And some Eloy guitar tabs for prog rockers who are serious about playing their songs.

You can discover more Eloy at Amazon.
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