Best Gifts For Progressive Rock Lovers

Well, these are the best DVD progressive rock compilations I have found in Net. I hope you will like it. Enjoy!

Planet Earth - Suggestion To All Prog Rockers!!

If you like Camel, Pink Floyd, PFM, ELP, King Crimson you will adore this documentary too, because I liked it. :) It is a known fact that Prog Rock lovers are more intelligent and sensitive than other people. Planet Earth is just for brains and thinking!

This incredible 11-part Planet Earth - The Complete BBC Series features an amazing footage you've never seen before, the most astonishing sights and sounds you'll ever experience from the comforts of your home. All episodes are 50 minutes and you will want to finish all without any break. This is undoubtedly one of the best documentary films about the nature and wildlife habitat (mountains, caves, deserts, shallow seas, seasonal forests, etc.) The entire planet has been magnificently represented. A favorite item to watch with friends and lovers.

They are available at Amazon at the lowest prices. The series are in 3 formats, 5 DVD Discs Set, Blu-ray and HD DVD for the maximum pleasure. I suggest HD DVD :)

Discovery Channel Store also sells the legendary Planet Earth BBC Series with discounts at $59.95
Planet Earth DVD Set Price Drop
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