Top Progressive Rock Albums of 2008

Not As Good As The Book / The Tangent

Impressive ! The masterpiece is divided in 2 Cd's.

The complexities of the composition are similar to Yes albums. I think The Tangent is a true progressive band that has shaped the progressive rock music combining the sounds of 70s and modern music. Based strongly on the best practises of symphonic rock this music flows from a mood to another smoothly and creates long enjoyable passages of great instrumental and sung music. There are elements of folk, etnic and jazz blended in a way never before in an eclectic way.

01011001 / Ayreon

01011001 flows perfectly. I feel like I'm listening to a true concept album this time.
Also, the vocalists are amazing. As much as James Labrie is a great talent, the mix of artists on this album blows the Human Equation away. Any fans of Evergrey, Pain of Salvation, etc. should check it out one of the best released progressive metal albums of 2008

Trisector / Van Der Graaf Generator

Good composition, thoughtful lyrics and short tunes make Trisector work. Hammill, Banton and Evans created a decent effort.

The Bedlam in Goliath / Mars Volta

It's not possible to divide this album into sections.. the tracks seem to flow into one another. Most of the album is composed of heavy hard-hitters like the opening track "Aberinkula" and "Goliath", but there are also deviations on this formula that make the album all the more interesting.

The song "Tourniquet Man" will take listeners by surprise after listening to louder tracks 1-5, and the track "Soothsayer" represents the album cover art the best in that it adds a Middle Eastern flavor to The Mars Volta's already unique style of music.

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