The Most Popular Protection for iPhone 3G

I think iPhone case manufacturers lost many customers after the release of this military grade invisible protection film for iPhone & iPhone 3G.

Scratch proof patented nano memory technology brings the protection for iPhone at the level of the protection of helicopter blades against dirt, dust and stratches. It is the most durable and toughest protection for iPhones. I suggest watching the video at their websites to see the protection level.

Zagg also provides protection for other tech gadgets including cell phones, digital cameras, gaming devices, iPods, GPSs, laptops, mp3 players, pdas and even for watches.

Protect your iPhone 3G from Scratches - Get the invisibleSHIELD.

Ramases : Cult Rock Band of Seventies

If there ever had to be a list of the most eclectic musicians/rock groups, then Ramases would be a definite contender. Very little is known about this enigmatic person, and very little in terms of music was ever produced. However, his two albums, especially the first one, have built up a form of cult following within progressive rock circles.

Born in the late thirties, in Sheffield, England, Martin Raphael worked as a PT instructor in the army after serving a conscription period and after that started a lucrative business as a central heating salesman in Scotland. One day, whilst in his car he claimed to have had a vision from the Egyptian Pharaoh god Ramases, who informed him that he was actually the re-incarnation of this deity and that his duty on earth was to inform the world the truth about the universe.

He has created two cult albums making them as the superb example of space/folk/rock music. Space Hymns and Glass Top Coffin.

One Cold Winter's Night

Kamelot is such a talented band which gives life and adrenaline to progressive rock scene. I wish that one day they would visit Istanbul also for a concert. If your kids or friends are the fans of hip hop, pop or other musical genres, show them One Cold Winter's Night DVD. They will be blown away at the first sight and never talk about a single word about that hip hop crap anymore lifetime. Both the audio and video quality are top notch, and Roy's voice really shines. Kamelot prove that they are the masters of their trade and this concert might very well go down as one of the defining moments of their history
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