Best Progressive Rock Guitar Learning Method

Progressive Rock is an intelligent music for intellectual people and for progression it is needed creativity. Progressive Rock Guitar (Book & CD) is one of the rare methods dedicated only to Progressive rock guitar techniques and provides the tools and inspiration for the creation of your inner sound.

You’ll learn fascinating chords, odd time signatures, metric and harmonic modulations, exotic scales and advanced guitar soloing concepts. I would like to warn you that this book is not for beginners and assumes that you have already a good understanding on music notation and/or tablature, major and minor pentatonic scales, modes of the major scale, basic theory such as diatonic harmony and chord construction, and basic lead guitar techniques.

If you want other instructional methods according to your level please check these book and DVD guitar methods as well.

Beginner Electric Guitar DVD
Rock Guitar Intermediate Program and Advanced Program
Hal Leonard Complete Guitar Learning Series

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